CLIng (CLIing or CLI-ng)

I want to gather a list of good tools, please let me know anything you use, including what it replaces if anything. Think along the lines of the o-Reilly Linux pocket guide, which was as good for me as the triangular cardboard stand up thing with DOS commands that I got with a Compaq 386 (the spaces were triangles)

konsole, gnome-terminal etc >> tilix (or terminator)

top >> htop (although, latest top is different)

ping >> noping

more, less >> most (can use update-alternatives on Debian)

tail -f >> lnav

Also just useful stuff that isn't widely known, anyone can search for 'parse json command line linux" but some may not know that it's even an option, even if it ends up as a "look at the these things you may never do or want to do, or can do another way and are happy with" it'll be worth it.

jq - curl -s -u :$vlc_pass "http://$vlc_addr:8080/requests/status.json" | jq .state

Even zealot tools, like CLI Reddit, Tumblr or Twitter clients.


regular expressions are nice

so is doas

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what do you think the mean time before a Tmux or Ratpoison user shows up?

tmux all the way, 'byobu' if your into that kind of thing, using microcom for serial (instead of minicom too)

The most important tool of all is cowsay.


I think you mean sl

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23 minutes?

OK; so it got answered quicker than I thought it would.

Can you blame me for trying?

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Still, you must agree that tmux is pretty sweet.
And that vi is better than emacs.

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yeah I don't mind tmux.

I think arguing about CLI text editors is beyond retarded though.

Not nearly enough "use it if it works for you, don't if it ain't" here.

Nah, this thread needs more of the old school editor war and "tmux vs screen" and "ifconfig vs ip" and "nslookup vs host" and "your OS sucks" in general. =)


The way linux does networking is so garbage in general tbh I don't think it merits discussion.

How do you mean? If you're talking about interface for network configuration - it's a bit different between RHEL- and Debian-based distributions, for example. If you mean POSIX networking (sockets access, "everything is a file" approach, and so on) - it's not just Linux, it's pretty much everywhere, I think.

That's what I mean -- no standards, different, equally busted approaches for every little thing.

I'm pretty sure that underneath it's the same for every Linux distribution and is done through ioctl calls.

Haha OK, there's no reason to get sassy

You know what I meant.

Can we at least agree that any old configuration interface is better than this new systemd networkd BS? =)

Might be a shit standard, but at least it has a chance of becoming a standard.

No other init system has the punching weight right now to regain dominance.


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