Client file corruption

I've recently built a new desktop computer and I'm having trouble running the game Crossfire. The game downloads great but when I run it before it gets to the log-in screen a message pops up stating, "Client file corrupted, closing game client."

Things I've done to try and fix it,

- Running the game as administrator

- Running the game with anti-virus disabled

- Doing a clean install following the steps provided on the support forum on their website (


Extra info

- anti-virus is Webroot (Also have tried with AVG, using the free trial, and adding the file to the exceptions)

- downloaded using Firefox... I don't know if it could be web browser based, just thought of that now.


I don't think specs are necessary but if they are, or just interested, ask.


Hope there is a solution out there, I thank you guys/gals in advanced, Nerd.

Are you installing to a non-default directory?

I apologize but could you please explain?