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Hey guys,

i want to build my first own computer (hackintosh). here is the build:


maybe add or change something?


Seems like a bad link.

for me it works...

It's a bad link, I see no build there, it takes me to the page to select parts. 

Looks like the link wont work.

Intel i7 3770

gtx 670

gigabyte z77n-wifi

wd caviar blue 1tb

corsair cx600m

bitfenix prodigy

corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz



im logged in on the page

does this link work?

Yes, reading nao

I don't see an aftermarket cooler in that list, it's definately something you will need. Try the Xigmatek Dark Night or the Hyper Evo 212. 

the dark knight and hyper evo 212 wont fit on that motherboard if i use a GPU

FAK didn't read mITX when I looked at it

*failure on my part, I blame no sleep in last couple days*

Add an NZXT Kraken then :P

on amazon deutschland wrote someone the fan is extremly loud

itsThe Free Dictionary: Used as a modifier before a noun: The airline canceled its early flight to New York.

What is this? LOL Random links and GIFs. 

And almost everyone I have seen get that cooler replaces the fans. Lol.  

is there also a cheaper alternative for the cooler? its about 120euro

What kind of price are you willing to spend? Stock coolers are just not (stock fan = the fan that comes with the cpu)

i know what a stockfan is :D  u knwo what? screw this gettin a normal ATX computer... im pissed off searching for a cooler and those shit expensive parts... sorry and thank you :D