CLI Procedural Password Generator password manager

I replied to a password manager project earlier asking for some feedback on my project but I figured I'd open a thread to get a little more feedback.

I wrote my own (tiny) little password manager which generates passwords procedurally rather than storing them on disk.

If anyone is willing to have a look and give me their honest opinion I'd love some feedback or to hear if other people have thought of implementing a password manager this way. :)

If anyone likes the idea and wants to join in on the development I love the idea of collaberating on free open source stuff.

Looks like a fun little project, but I think that two important things are missing:

  • The project files. Without these it gets a bit more difficult to compile the program yourself. Why don't you include these?

  • The lacks usage instructions.

Also one small nitpick: In your comments you talk about "functions", but functions within a class are always called "methods".

I've actually wanted to work on a password generator and storage bin... This sounds cool, but where are the project files?