Cleaning thermal paste. need some help

Okey so I was just wondering are there any alternatives for using a microfibre cloth and alchohol? If not I need to try and get my hands on it. the reason I am asking is that I dont have that, and need to know if there is anything else I can use that will do the job.


coffee filters and goobegone I think

Thanks for the reply, well I dont have the isopropyl alcohol or coffe filters but I should be able to buy some isopropyl tommorow, if they have it. and I will look for coffee filters aswell. thanks for the reply.

*EDIT: are there any alternatives to isopropyl alchohol?

You are cleaning grease from metal. Pure acetone and/or MEK do the best job, but most people have rubbing alcohol at home already. In a standard consumer environment, I'd use nail polish remover followed by an alcohol wipe.

Is all of this overkill? Yep. But it works, and you'd be amazed of the uses of a can of MEK in the garage/basement.

Microfiber? Yes, spend a dollar on a piece of cloth. Coffee filter quality varies, but better than not.

Goobegone? NO. Orange oil based and good for getting gum out of your hair. 

Goof-off, yes, but based on the more clean industrial items above that most can get from a local hardware store (paint department).

Edit, nail polish remover is mostly acetone, but with other additives, that is why a proper alcohol cleaning is required. Get the highest percentage available (pharmacy). Besides, all of these chemicals have a proper application cleaning many components...

goo-off was what I was thinking of I just couldn't think of the right name

Every time I need to clean off old TIM, I have to resist the urge of blasting it with a Kärcher.

Well, there are lots of methods...

Additionally, don't drip these solvents on your mobo...


Okey thanks for the  help. I should be able to buy acetone at a supermarket right? hopefully I will. and I will see if I can get my hands on a microfibre cloth.