Cleaning pc

My pc's extremely dusty, including the motherboard and graphicsa card, how can I get the dust off without using a vacuum cleaner (I guarantee, with my luck that the henry hoover would suck atleast one important thing off it) Would a brush work? any kind of brush or just a soft one? Thanks for your answers.

A can of compressed air is good to use.

Or if you don't have a can, go down to the local gas station and clean it out with the Tyre pumps.

You might get a few odd looks, but that works too.

Yea, I used to have a service station around the corner from a PC repairshop I once worked at, the guy used to laugh his ass off everytime I rocked up there with 10 or so PC's for a blow out. And these were customer machines that hadn't been cleaned in years so I was creating dust storms heh

One day he came over and asked me if I wanted his old compressor so I grabbed it :)

bwahahaha I'd get plenty of odd looks.
and also probably get robbed where I live. I'll ask my dad if he has an compressed air, since he's a mechanic im positive he'll have one in his van. Thanks for the advice!  

I use a leaf blower air compressors can build up water when there being used.

Make shure you hold any fans before blowing air over them as thay can get damaged easily.

yeah air compressors can slowly get water into them! a can of caompressed air works great!and i don think there that much from stores!.like copperman said hold the fans so the bearings insdie them dont get damaged or so the spin faster then they are supposed to!