Cleaning PC with compressed gas?

So, i went out and got some compressed gas, i thought it was compressed air.

It says it's fine to use for cleaning computers, although... No brand of any sort, doesn't say what type of gas it is, Warns me not to inhale it, extremely flammable, not suitable at over 50 degrees celsius.


Is this safe to use? I'm worried of residue being left in the case and literally exploding when i turn it on.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advanced!


Also I'm kind of new here, long time subscriber but I've always been bad with forums so i never really bothered. Sorry if it's in the wrong area, and if it please redirect me.

For all intensive purposes, this is a typical can of compressed air (remember "air" is a gas, well actually several gases). You are fine cleaning your rig with this. Just be sure to read the directions before using.

Good luck!

While yes this is true, Why would it be flammable? Just because it's compressed or what?

Edit: There are no instructions... Just warnings in about 7 different languages, high quality stuff yeah?

Ofc its flammable, if you are that worried leave it to air out for 6 hours before using it.  Make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

translate the warning via google transle ! but is there no chemical description on the can at all?


No, there isn't. it has English warnings but what i mean is that it's just all the same warning in different languages.

Actually it has the F+ symbol, and that appears to be the European warning, i looked it up and for the F+ warning to be present, it must contain one of the following: Hydrogenacetylenepropanebutanediethyl ethercarbon disulfideethanal. Has anyone ever told you you look like slick from Linus tech?

Usually these cans don't leave a residue if you spray them at the right angle. Almost any can of compressed air or compressed gas will have flammable gasses inside because flammable gasses are common and cheap to put inside a pressurized can, and are not corrosive to computer components. I wouldn't worry about it. If it makes you that nervous go buy a cheap air compressor and use that to clean your computer.

It's flammable because of the propulsion used. The air itself is not flammable, but the gasses used to push the gas out are. And gasses will not leave residue. they are gasses. They go into the atmosphere. not hang around on components. I use compressed gas all the time.