Cleaning my PC hardware (inside the house), what is recommended / safe to use?

I want to clean my pc of all the dust and grime, that's gathered up over this last year before I change the fans out and make a positive airflow environment) but I have NO idea what is safe for me to use (I don't want to destroy my PC).

I know I can't use a vacuum cleaner (is a hair dryer a possibility since it blows air and not sucks, or is that bad too?).

Other than that, is there a special type of canned air I should use, or is any old brand fine for me?

(Tried the typical "google search" and got no clear answers on what's good).

Thanks in advance.

Can of compressed air are all pretty much the same, or use a proper air compressor if you have access to one (better and cheaper). Very hard to do any damage.

Though to be thorough take the rig apart and clean with brushes to remove older dust buildup. Then finish off with compressed air. Also tidy up cables as much as you can to decrease airflow resistance.

I personally wouldnt use a vacuum in reverse btw.


Ya only use canned compressed air or an air compressor that you know does not have moisture built up in the tank.  Only use vacuums on dust filters AFTER you have taken them off the case.  Like mentioned above a soft brush should be fine too.  Its all about being careful.

I strongly suggest you do not do it inside.  Do you have any idea how much dust builds up inside of a computer?  A lot!  You do not want that in your living space.

I use a ShopVac.  A small 1300w reversible hoover.  I only use it for that purpose, so it is clean.  I think I paid about £50 for it.  It was recommended by a Youtuber by the name of Britech09.  Here is the video demonstrating it in action, you can also see how much dust comes out of a computer.

A small cheap air compressor is what I use, it plugs right into the wall and blows dust out better than any hooker. But I also keep a can of compressed air for more delicate jobs, and because its usually at hand, whereas the compressor I have to carry from in from a shed outside.

Why can't you use a vacuum cleaner? This is how i clean my PC ever since . . . a paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner is all i need to clean my PC. (doing it this way since i got my first PC)

Like as above I use a can of air and a hover if I have to do it indoors for whatever reason.