Cleaning Corsair k70 RGB

Anyone got tips to clean dust and crumbs from a corsair k70 RGB without buying compressed air?

Hold it upside down and run a very fine paintbrush or similar in between the keys?
If the key caps are removable, then a toothbrush. Generally removing the key caps is how I clean keyboards.

If it's just crums, I turn them upside down and shake.


Get crumbs stuck in the keycaps doing that lol

Taking all the keycaps off and using a toothbrush sounds like a good idea, though. I always struggle cleaning my K65.
Need one to use though.
A room mate or sibling's would do I suppose heh heh

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Because of the k70s design you can easily tilt it and shake crubs off and they don't get caught by the sides like they would in other keyboards.

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A lot of stuff still sticks around the sides of switches though, and the fact it's brushed metal doesn't really help.

I clean my mechanical by taking off the key caps. They come off easily - You can just pull them off with minimal effort. Maybe you're keyboard came with a remover tool too, mechanical keyboards often do. Otherwise you can make one from a piece of metal wire. Be a bit more careful with the double-sized and over keys. They have stabilizer bars you need to free from their hooks. I then wash the key caps in sink using bit of dishwasher fluid and warm but not hot water.

For the keyboard itself, I would keep it upside down and scrub it with a brush of some kind. It might be advisable not to use nylon etc. brush that can get static, since you have small chance of breaking the leds that way. Or instead of brushing, just blow on it like a big bad wolf.

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