Clean off thermal paste?

I am installing a new motherboard and heatsink. Shops are shut and need to clean off thermal paste. What can I use ? 

I have here white spirit / nail polish remover / lighter fluid / methylated spirits ? 

Or is there something I may have the is better ? I don't want to wait until tomorrow for the shops to open 

well, the usual thing is 90-100% isopropyl alcohol... such as White Spirits. so use that. wipe it off with a coffe filter or other lint-free cloth.

don't use a petroleum-based solvent... leaves an oil layer that interferes with the paste.

also, don't use nail polish remove... it has impurities...



The acetone (nail polish remover) will work fine. Just keep it off the plastic.

If it is scented then yes, follow it with a wipe of rubbing alcohol.

Really, any hardware store will have full power acetone or even better mek.

Rubbing alcohol and a nonstatic cloth.


I use 70% isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter.  Works great.  Haven't had any trouble with it.