Classical Music Speakers without laptop recommendation?

So I mostly listen to classical music, and I normally use my hd 600 with magni/modi combination. But I wanted to try speakers, with a separate CD player. I don’t want to use my laptop with this set, plus I’ll probably need a new amp/dac since my magni/modi won’t work this combination. So sorry for my basic question, but what else do I need besides speakers, and what specific type would you get for each? Price range is under $800.


Honestly I know people hate bose, and this is probably overprice, but something simple like this really appeals to me.

Anyone have a better suggestion?

I'm not a huge audiophile but I do listen to a wide range of music and spent a lot of money on my sound system for movies and music... you can get a pair of klipsch bookshelves for in the same ballpark that will blow the roof off of anything bose makes... you really can't go terribly wrong with klipsch speakers...

I think @Logan was touting the monoprice studio monitors as a good buy but I haven't heard them specifically to make the same recommendation


that would do... add a powered sub for the leftover $350 and it would fill a large room

What powered sub would you recommend? Also what else for the stereo system would I need?

that'd be nice... hook it all up to your DAC ... so whatever cables in between but otherwise that'd be killer for a medium-semi-large size room... all the components would be powered just needs input

I've had an Infinity Sub for YEARS you can pass those things down to your children's grandkids and they sound amazing

EDIT: What DAC do you have?

So you've got the Schiit DAC/AMP combo right?... run through the R/L to the speakers and the sub out through the back of the Klipsch speakers... done... everything is powered from your speaker standpoint so it doesn't NEED amplification from the amp but it's still nice to an outside the box solution for a DAC... on knob adjusts your speakers/headphones you would need one R/L speaker cable and one sub cable

I can recommend a really good cd player for classical music. Marantz Cd-63. Make sure you get the one that you can switch out the op amp in.