Classical Music recommendations?

I am looking for something like Bach - Beethoven. As you can see from the format of my question I am far from being knowledgeable about classical music. I generally listen to calm down(at work after an annoying job) - sleep - shower - or when I have a moment to think about my life before I get too depressed and go out and grab a beer... If anyone has vk any suggestions about groups for good classical music ? If you have a "must listen" list please share. I dont buy music lately but if it is on spotify(legal) or vk(hopefully legal...) I would gladly listen.

I not too knowledgeable myself, but here's The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky

and here's Chopin's Prelude 15

Chopin has other good stuff too.

more Chopin

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Download a top 100 mashup from a torrent site. As you listen, you will likely know half of them. See which ones suit your jam fancy ;D

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My friend turned me on to this brilliant Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. He's proof that you don't have to look back generations to find quality.

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Thanks, I admire his work and the new composers too

also the movie music, especially hans zimmer

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I hadn't heard Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight before.

Good find, great piece.

Little known but beautiful:

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don't laugh... it's actually pretty good.

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Philip Glass:

Mozart is so epic.

Other good stuff

Sonatine op. 61: Allegro vivace

Brahms Rhapsody in B minor and then another one in G minor

Alamaailman Vasarat anyone?


Thanks for the recommendations, I think the video of Alamaailman Vasarat is dead(or not available for my location...).

is this is the right one ? Totally interesting group, kind of reminds me of some balkan music especially Goran Bregovic for some odd reason.

What's cool about a lot of the old school classical musicians is they were into music theory... a lot of them were into Pythagoreanism (well, at the time period more of a Neo-pythagoreanism), which is why a lot of Bach pieces were in the carefully chosen keys of D minor and F major... the symphonies themselves are said to invoke specific emotions in the listener... it's all based on a mathematical theorem of harmonics and resonance and how these sounds relate to the human frequency...

There's a story of Pythagoras walking home one evening and coming across a drunk man... he looked angry and bashed down a man's door and began beating the man violently... when Pythagoras looked across the street, he saw a man playing the flute... he was in a particular key and playing aggressively in that key... Pythagoras walked to the flute player and asked if you knew a calmer song that might soothe the situation. As soon as the flute player changed the tune and played his more somber melody, the man that was beating looked up at the sky, shed a tear, and walked away from his victim...

I doubt there's a whole lot to it... but it's certainly interesting...

It's also said the church organs of the middle ages were played in a way that induced the "God effect" when heard...

Anyways... just thought it was relevant and food for thought :)


I can't believe I forgot the 1812 Overture.

Anyways, more


As a guitar lover, I gravitate towards the composers who wrote works specifically for the guitar (or that were adapted for guitar). These folks are household names for classical guitar fans, but hardly get any notice elsewhere . . .

Joaquín Rodrigo

Isaac Albéniz
The epic Suite Espanola No. 1 Op 47. Granada from this suite has become one of the most famous classical guitar pieces and for good measure. It gives me chills every time.

Agustin Barrios

Antonio Lauro

Manuel de Falla

Enrique Granados

Miguel Llobet

Federico Moreno Torroba

Celedonio Romero

Fernando Sor

Francisco Tárrega

Heitor Villa-Lobos

Also, if you aren't into guitar, you can usually find piano or orchestral versions of a lot of these works.


Almost half of these videos are blocked by GEMA (I live in Germany). Aren't most of these very old? How is it that there is still copyright on them?

Fuckin GEMA. All of the videos I put up work in the US :(

Since most of these are classics, they get added to various compilation albums frequently, so some publisher might have copyright over a specific version of the recording or something . . .

That seems odd, to be able to copyright an obvious derivative of something that is public. Might serve some purpose but it does not add up to me right now. But then again it's 2 AM in the morning, bed time for me.

Breaking Away (1979) Rossini's Ghost (1996). I love classical but the Berliner Philharmonic CD I bought after seeing this on HBO is my favorite. I had never seen a "Live" version of Rossini performed before right now.
+ it's rain and thunder outside.

Barber of Seville - Gioacchino Rossini - Conductor - Claudio Abbado - Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala (1972)

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Beethoven's 9th, 2nd movement. Nowhere as famous as the last movement, but just as amazing.

Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Makes you feel so powerfull.

The Ground by Ola Gjeilo. Little known piece, yet beautiful.

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