Classic Mac startup sound hackintosh yosemite

Is there a simple way to enable classic mac start up sound in hackintosh yosemite? I tried everything under the sun I still don't hear classic sound so frustrating. I have alc1150 driver kext multibeast asus z97 deluxe

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I am speaking purely out of anecdotal experience. I personally have never heard that sound with a hackintosh, and I do not think its possible.

I think that functionality is built into the OSX boot loader. You normally get that sound before the apple logo comes up with the little loading bar, so it is definitely something that starts before you launch OSX from chimera/clover

The startup sound is built in to the mac hardware. There are kits you can buy to add it to a hackantosh.

That's not as simple as I had in mind. Is there a way to get carillon to work? I cant seem to get carillon working :frowning:

Carillon is possible right Angel? How can I get carillon work correctly?

Now strange thing I notice I hear the classic mac sound when I type my password log back in from yosemite lockscreen. I want to hear classic mac sound from boot up not from lock screen.