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I need help in my class project on how to boot a linux os via network.
So here is the senario, i have a laptop with Backtrack 5R3 64bit KDE installed and i want to connect my laptop to 3 other computers on the network. Now i want to boot the 3 computes via the network, so my laptop will act as the server and the 3 computers will act as the host and i want a linux os to be deployed to the host pcs. Also note that i dont want to install the linux os from the netwok i want the server to provide the linux os and the hosts will just have to turn on the pcs and the os will be pulled from the server to their pcs an they can start using the pcs in just a few minutes.

If you people could provide me with a list of softwares to use and which version of linux will be used on the host pcs and instructions on how to setup the whole system.

Im new to linux and it would be great if you guys could help me out please. 

So you want a PXE server.

If you want to do this within Backtrack, your going to have to kinda guess your way through it using the links above. It shouldn't be that different as Backtrack is Ubuntu based and Ubuntu is Debian based.

A PXE servers main purpose is to install OS's over the network as to save administrators running around with a billion CDs or USB drives. You can run a linux distro from a PXE server in "Live" Mode as can be done with ubuntu desktop varients. So you can run the OS without needing to install it. But no changes can be made to the software included and files would be stored on the local HDD or a NAS.

You can get PXE servers to dish out installed OS's that act like they are installed on the local machine. However the setup for these gets increasingly difficult. 

I suggest you try just making a PXE server that boots into an Live Distro.

Best of luck

- zanginator

Thank for your help mate much appreciated.