Clarification about full passthrough/GVT-d for 11th gen+ iGPUs

Sorry if this seems out of place since most interest appears to be in mediated passthrough/GVT-g, but could someone please clarify whether full passthrough/GVT-d of the iGPU on 11th gen and later (specifically Alder Lake), is possible right now on a Linux host?

From what I can tell, for 10th gen and earlier, GVT-g worked on Linux and Windows hosts, but it was replaced by SR-IOV for 11th gen and older. Now my understanding is that Windows hosts can still do mediated passthrough using the SR-IOV drivers Intel released for Windows, however drivers for Linux are still in development.

As for GVT-d, it seems to have worked on Linux and Windows hosts for 10th gen and earlier, but I cannot find any reliable information about whether it still works for 11th gen and newer, or if it was replaced by SR-IOV and now we just have to wait for Intel to release drivers for Linux like with the GVT-g replacement.

Could someone please clarify if my understanding is correct?

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Someone has made a DKMS package here: GitHub - strongtz/i915-sriov-dkms

But havent seen any reports of users getting it to work in Windows guests (the dreaded code 43)

The more frustrating situation is that dGPUs like A770/A750 do not support SR-IOV.
This happens to be what we need most.