Civilization 6 Just Announced

And Mac too for that matter.

I honestly doubt Firaxis will do anything stupid with Civ VI. If it's just Civ V with updated graphics and other needed improvements I think it will be a big hit.

That's all I honestly need. lol

Also, wasn't a lot of the shit wrong with Beyond Earth fixed with The Rising Tide expansion?

For the most part.

well at least we don't have half assed space turnbased game.

Shhhh.... Don't worry other civilizations. I'm surrounding your country with military units for "protection."
Lol. Can't wait to rule the world in this version as well.

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My life is ready to be over.

Another feature of the game will be that geography affects research speed. For example, a coastal city will boost naval research. Combined with everything else, it seems that they are shifting the gameplay further away from being combat oriented. Which btw is a plus from my pov :)

DX12? win 10 only?

OS: Windows 7x64 / Windows 8.1x64 / Windows 10x64

has a DX11 option

Got it with my AMD purchase, wow does it feel like crap. I guess they really need to redo all their coding. Just porting assest from previous games and adding a few bells and whistle isn't cutting it. We're in 2016 and they still have AI that's greedy as crap since 2000. #razetheworld