Civ V Game Thread

Post here if you want to Play civ with us!
We will discuss a time for the game down below.

Me and possibly my wife would totally be down for a game of Civ V.

I haven't played in forever so I'd prob suck. Also I wanna be Germany- obviously.

My Wife and I are down either tomorrow or over the weekend for me.

For any one interested there are voice servers we could use.

Sunday would be best for me, but I can work with anytime after 7PM EST, I could be earlier but that's the only time I can guarantee I'll be available.

Also, my poo internet might disconnect me randomly, I haven't played CIV online so I don't know how it will behave. That also means no voice chat for me.

@mumblevagabond and @Zealon you guys down?

So far sounds like Sunday is the best day.

What time should we shoot for?

Im down for any time

I'd like to join. Weekends would be good, I won't have much time on weekdays the next couple weeks.

Dibs on Atilla.


What time works best for everyone? Would like to shoot for 5 PM EST for the latest starting time

Count me in.


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Yeah that is fine with me. 5 is probably the latest I'd wanna start too. Especially on a Sunday. Games can drag on.

We have 8 people with all of us currently. Without Wifes/Gfs. The thing with civ is that it lags like crazy with more than 8 players in a game.

Choose what time's are Good for you. The earlier the better.
This is Sunday

I also Created a Steam group where i will be helping people who want to play in or host events.
Join this Steam group to be notified when the game starts and get invited.


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What day of the week is this for?


who will be streaming so i can watch? since i wana play but i arrived too late

Il try to stream it but cant guarantee since im also hosting.

All the homo. Pls