CISPA Passes the House

CISPA passed the house with a vote of 288-127.

This is scary.

But it's not over yet. It still has to pass through the senate, and then the President. Join the fight, and lets make the biggest internet protest in history.

This is not just an american issue. The internet is a worldwide community and this effects all of us. I'm a Canadain citizen, and I'm also an internet citizen. I do my duty for my country, and I will do my duty for the internet. Please do the same.

Share this around blogs, forums, social media, anywhere you can. Let's bring the best of the internet together and protect what we care about.

Next up, Obama will veto this... Then it will go back, more terrible things will be added to it, it will be far worse, it might pass again... then Obama will endorse it.

Why must they be so unedgucated I bet there still using Windows 97 or some old OS like that

Does anyone else find this quote a little out of context and slightly offensive?

From Article on The Gaurdian:

At one point, Mike McCaul, a Republican from Texas, attempted to draw a comparison between the terror attack in Boston on Monday and cyberterrorism, to draw support for the bill's aim to improve security. "Recent events in Boston demonstrate that we have to come together as Republicansand Democrats," he said, according to Reuters.

"In the case of Boston, there were real bombs," said McCaul. "In this case, they are digital bombs – and these digital bombs are on their way."

Boston was tragic, and this guy is using it as leverage to get his way. Absolutely digusting.

Sounds like a typical politician saying typical politician things. Let's take a tragedy and try to piggy back off of it because we are slime. Even darker times are ahead I'm afraid.

Are you kidding me!?...They caused the terror attack..then use it to fuel their "fuck citizens in the butt campaing"

This place is a bizarre one you country isnt this corrupt and the crime rates are off the chart!


i dont know about this place anymore...think i might really leave this country when im out of school..

I think the Internet will become regional, with every country building it's own firewall and filters.

Yeah, the US has learned well from Iran and China.

At least in China the Internet becomes more free, everywhere else it becomes less free. Figure out for yourself where the economic future is brighter...

Thing is though, in the sixties and seventies radio frequencies were locked down, and there was no programming on public radio stations that agreed with the youth. So they started broadcasting pirate radio from ships anchored in international waters, and it caused a media revolution.

So, who has a ship and a transmitter we could use to start hosting a parallel internet backbone infrastructure, or do we have to go to Switserland and go sit on top of a mountain?

Pirate wireless internet will come, as soon as everything is locked down. For the moment the speeds over long distance radio waves are very limited, but that will change also, and free pirate satellites for data communication will also come.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. At some point, the current form of the internet is going to be so blocked and tied up that it's just going to push those who mean to do actual harm far underground with new tools, and the rest of us will be stuck having to deal with the ball and chain. We'll need to make a new internet, free from the control of others, or an entirely new communications protocol altogether.

I am just speechless

does anyone know how this will affect people who don't live in the US since most of the internet companies are stated in the US they will have to obey the US law but not all of thier costumers live in the US, how does this work?

Fuck the republicants and the dumbocrats. They are a bunch of self serving cocksuckers that we get to spend millions of dollars a year so they can live the high life in DC.



A don't want to live on this planet anymore, I am disgusted that this passed the House.

I'n not entirely sure.... but there might be something along the lines in the end user license agreement that states something along the lines of this service is based in the United States of America, US federal law applies to everything on this site, and anything you do is owned by the US government.

Classic Professor Farnsworth.

Bring on the pirate internet!!!

its coming and its called mesh net..........

Just googled mesh-net. Looks promising.

They are not uneducated. These evil people know exactly what they are doing to accomplish their goals of censorship and propaganda. They want even more power over the "uneducated" masses who voted them into their postions. The more you know about a particular group or person the more you can play of their emotions.

Because people die from "cyber terrorism". What a dumbass.