Cisco Catalyst 3750 not presenting web ui

So I’m trying to configure my switch. I have done the factory reset, followed the getting started guide, but I get a 404 on the web ui.

How would I go about configuring this thing via telnet? I can’t find much onlite in forum posts and I don’t exactly hawe experience with this sorta thing.

I don’t want to setup anything complicated. Just one vlan for all the ports and for it to just handle a connection in, connection out sorta deal.

I have a 48 port 10/100 model without sfp modules for 1-10G in so my liwe line, for now, will be on port 48 opposite of the clients.

Any help is well appreciated.

Connecting via the USB console port, or the DB-9 to ethernet console port on the back are the main options. Unsure if you’re able to get to the default IP address on the switch, which I want to say was something like, but I may be misremembering that (I’ve always loaded a config on a factory reset switch via DB9)

I can access telnet and sshxconnections just fine, which is the same as connecting to the console port. I just can’t access the webui.

when connected via telnet or ssh do the following.
conf t
ip http secure-server
wr mem

That should turn on https access.

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What does wr mem do?

I tried that except wr mem

Edit: didn’t get secure-server either. Hmmm. Just server.

secure-server is https enable
server is just http enable.
wr mem stores running config into startup config
so that if you power cycle the switch it will retain its config on next boot.

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so do
ip http server

then you should be able to connect to http://x.x.x.x where x it the switch IP address.

There isn’t a way to send the switch a signal over the wire to go into setup mode is there? This is more a curious question than a serious one.