Cinnamon VS Gnome?

Recently I've been facing the dilemma of which to use. Cinnamon is what I've used ever since I've used Linux, however a year or so back I tried Gnome and ever since I've been using it. In starting to miss the traditional layout of Cinnamon however Gnome has a supreme magnifier. About a year back I was using Cinnamon and it was a bit rough around the edges literally. My magnifier would make an annoying squad essentially around the edges of windows and when Firefox would load a webpage. Has this been fixed? Gnome doesn't have this issue so it's a tad easier on the eyes however when the terminal is executing commands it jerks rapidly. What do you guys think?

I like Mate the best.

I love running Mint with Cinnamon on my laptop, but I can deal with it on my desktop, atm it just failed with multi monitors... idk now it was at least 2 years ago.

I prefer Gnome 3 just because the work flow is so good. I normally always have Cairo Dock  installed which makes you a king of productivity.

I use XFCE4 with BSPWM. Window managers <3.

XFCE is great with Compiz and Emerald, but Compiz doesn't have as good magnification support. I really like Gnome after tweaking it a little. Korora has a few options by default that can be tweaked.

I know that this might seem insulting to your intelligence (just like the classic, turn it off, turn it back on again thing), but have you made sure that everything is up to date? They are constantly working on bugs and whatnot, so the issues you are having might get fixed with an update.

I've tried using gnome and I just don't like it. I am currently using Manjaro with cinnamon and I love it. I've set it up the way I like it and don't think I'm going to be changing any time soon. 

No offence whatsoever. Considering I'm running Korora 20 with the latest packages (I update at least every other day) I'd imagine I'm running the latest.