[Cinema Club] [Spoilers] Movie (The Revenant) Weeks of July 17th and July 24th

We never really did push hard and I kind of left it to die a year ago. Now I am back with a vengeance. I have more free time than ever. I have friends and family willing to watch with me.

So this weeks movie club is Dr. Strangelove again!!! I figure we will pick up where we left off.

So here is how this will go.

We will have a new movie every other week. So for a two week period community members will have a chance to watch and then chime in on what their thoughts are of the movie.

The movie of the two week period will always be posted in the title of the thread.

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So I didn’t get back to this in time for this past week. Lets say for next two weeks starting today (July 17) we watch The Revenant.

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My Dr. Strangelove review.

I think at the time it was made, during the height of the cold war, we were so paranoid of destroying our planet. It is a great satire of the time. It had a bunch of stereotypes which are not unfounded for the time. Or today for this matter. Though, in a serious note, it is a tale of how we need to do whatever to survive as a species and carry on life as we know it. The fear to this day is real and more than ever is part of society.

With the invasion of Ukraine, some parties that are justifying it and making threats of how we will use weapons you cant imagine if you intervene. We had a period of some prosperity, but like in the film. Mad men can really do damage to the world if not lead to its total and complete destruction.

I enjoyed the movie, I like its dark humor and it kinds helps to avoid the complete shitty nature of what happened in the movie.

I have not decided on how it works. Mainly maybe 2 weeks to watch as people dont have all the time in the world. I have more than most. But even with that I have to remember. I get distracted easily. So I think maybe a week to a week and a half to watch then the second part of the second week would be for discussion?

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I just started The Revenant. Will start and finish it tonight. Did you manage to watch it?

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well this is confusing, last post an hour ago yet says july 27th? oO

oh nvm, seeing other threads like this too, a whole bunch of post edits and stuff… mods, feel free to delete this comment if u need to close posts for privacy : )

I havent been up to watching familial issues have lead me to not really hurt watch. Ill try to finish the revenant this week.