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Cinebench R15 Extreme! - Benchmarking Thread



[email protected] 4x8GB DDR3 1600MHz GTX 1070ftw


i9 7940x oc, 2080ti & 64G of GSkill DDR4
I’m pretty sure I need to square the edge of my CPU as it runs hot.

Full spec details at


Nice score! What is your CPU overclock?


Dual X5650s @stock


Stock 2600x with 3200mhz 16-18-18-38

363 was my best score, seems low to me compared to the 2700x boys, but it’s probably right. Manages 4046-4060mhz on all cores. Tried the “optimized” setting for CB in bios, all it did was lower the score by 10 points.

Edit: Oh yeah, motherboard. Asus X470-F Gaming


1700X completely stock
4x4GB 2666MHz C16
RX480 8GB

Fun fact: The Open GL score move from 77,35 to 88.89fps score… While the CPU score in multiple runs have 1 point difference…


1700x @3,9 ghz OC , 16 gb 3200 mhz cl14


I guess the ram speed pays off… On top of the OC…


It mostly shows in a lot of benchmarks like 3d mark etc most of games like clockspeed more than ram speed . Did you get your new Mainboard or did you get the one working you had? :smiley:


I’m still using my old board… It have boot issue, but once it boots it’s fine. I am waiting on the 500 series boards before I buy MSI B350 Krait…


Ryzen 1700 @ 3.75Ghz. Im lazy so on linux.


What ram speed are you running at :slight_smile: ?


2666 with a bump in voltage and set to 2933 cl16.


Threadripper 2950X, XMP 3000MHz
Wine 4.1, release: 57

CPU 796 cb
CPU (Single Core) 45