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Cinebench R15 Extreme! - Benchmarking Thread



Cinebench R15 has been done to death, and it’s not a terribly hard benchmark to run anymore… Which is why Cinebench R15 EXTREME! has been released by HWGeek over at guru3d. With the render resolution quadrupled, test the might of your CPU in a benchmark more suited for the increased core counts and 5GHz clockrates of modern processors.

This software is a mod of Cinebench R15 and isn’t an official update, so no support from Maxon.

Click here for the download page on guru3D for this benchmark.

For this thread your screenshot should look something like this (single-core not requried):

When we get some scores rolling in I’ll get a spreadsheet setup and will attempt to update it daily.

Results sheet is live HERE.


Neat, I’ll have to try when I get home.

Google form so people can put in their own info?


We did that once years ago and somebody kept fucking with it until I changed permissions. I can make a publicly visible sheet but I don’t want to deal with it getting wiped/edited over and over again.


Here is mine. Didn’t fit my screen tho.


All stock, multi core enhance off, haven’t really tightened any timings properly on the memory, most stuff set to auto. Noctua NH-D 15 cpu cooler.

Just for fun I ran the Open GL benchmark too, essentially my graphics card didn’t even bother, it basically went up to 35W according to HWinfo, didn’t even go much over 500MHz for clocks. That might have something to do with my Radeon chill settings, but yeah.


2700x, Everything stock
3000mhz ram


Pretty cool I just gave it a go, it didn’t fit my screen either.

I ran it in Wine, because I don’t run windows. But it seems to run just fine, like regular Cinebench r15 does. Although the scores are a bit lower than they should be because of the wine overhead. ( Also didn’t bother to run CPU-z :stuck_out_tongue: )

Threadripper 2950x stock clocks, with some 3466MHz ram.


Didn’t know that they had an extreme variant. I thought at first that somehow someone got the TR 1950X to score worse than my i7 5820K until I realized that they ran this test.


I was looking at your score and did think it was low

c4d typically has better scaling than that.


Ran my 1920X, just stock with 3200 mem. It’s a bit warm atm for an OC, but I will try for a 4.1 when I get a chance.


Results sheet is up. If anyone wants to resubmit their scores I will put a note of the old score and update the result to the new one.


Still at stock, all I have changed is close a lot of sh$t via process manager

470 multi
45 single core
108 fps opengl

Cpu never went above 51c :smiley: (and was also quiet… which is important to me these days, never used to care)



I think you forgot to put in my numbers.

Anyway, tweaked some timings etc, didn’t seem to do much, but then again I don’t think cinebench cares much about the memory speed.


Yep my bad, had them written down and totally overlooked it when I setup the sheet. They’re in now.




i5 8400 stock, 2666MHz RAM, Asus ROG Strix B360-I




Wrong way round :smiley:


Slight updates, got the OC going so managed 4.1GHz @ 1.45v which is about as much as my chip will do. Included ST this time as well.




Some Intel CPU for reference.

[email protected], 64GB 3200MHz, XI Hero, GTX1080TI

[email protected], 32GB 1600MHz DDR3, VI Hero, GTX1070

[email protected], Z77-I,16GB 1600MHz DDR3, GTX670

and for shit and giggles … (poor laptop)

I7-3517u, Asus UX32VD, 10GB 1600MHz DDR3, GT620M