Chrono Trigger Fanmade Sequel

I am making this post just as a reminder and for people who dont know about this.
Fans liked Chrono Trigger so much they made a sequel to the original. It's a SNES ROM and plays great, also it's pretty amazing.

The wiki page of the game:

I have a doubt, since this was not officialy released and it wasn't a copy of the game, does this qualifies as pirated software? I ask this mainly because there is this rule in the forum:

  • No linking to warez, pirated software, cracks, activation hacks, etc.

So I have a pre-patched final version of the game (The game needs to be patched with IPS in order to run, and with final version, I mean the "release candidate" version, it its actually the full game) and I have a the link to share it but I still don't know if a fanmade game is piracy.

Anyway if you are interested to play it, look for it at google, just be careful about virus, unfinished and beta versions of the game and un-patched versions.

And finally, if you want to play it use the Zsnes emulator in order to run it without glitches.