Chromebook or pc?

should i get a chromebook or get build a cheap pc? i have $375  i have a main pc so i am looking for something where maybe for movies, light internet browsing,youtube . oh yeah and which is best chromebook. and i already have a couple extra hdds lying around so that can be factored out.

Cheap PC or laptop. $375 can get you a decent laptop for movies.

can you give me some recommendations 

If it is just for movies and such it does not need to be anything special.

Personally I would look at a refurbished Asus Transformer or the like. ... but that is just my opinion.

Honestly a chromebook should be fine for what you want to do and I would recommend this one.

While I dislike Acer their chromebooks are pretty good and this one has an Nvidia Tegra in it.


If i were you. I would get a chrome book on sale. Ive seen them for about 120$.

There is a new 13 inch acer chromebook coming out with the new nvidia k1 gpu in it. I have had a chromebook for 2 years now and as a secondary computer chromebooks are great. It comes out in September and a few different configs. 

so i found these....  which would be the best?

I would highly recommend a chromebook for your needs. If you're not going to be gaming or using heavy applications, then there is no use in spending extra money on a laptop or PC. Most people out there today would do better off on a chromebook than a laptop or full size desktop. Those of us that edit photos, render video, and code can use the horsepower of a full size PC. If you want to game, you pretty much have to have a strong laptop or at least a mid-range PC. However, most people use their computers just to surf the web, watch youtube, and play games on Facebook. Those people don't need anything more than a chromebook or a tablet.