Chromebook or not?

Yes, chromebooks are awesome little things, I currently have the Toshiba CB2 (4GB edition) and its a superb device, unless I require some horse power for the task at hand I just use this over my desktop with crouton.
I would love to get a Pixel 2 for my next laptop.

I used a chromebook/chrome/chromium os among other computers for a while now to be clear I've been using google since before it's IPO

three things pro and con:


  1. Immediate hibernate and saving of files as well as online backup
  2. Free office software
  3. long battery life and light


  1. Needs Internet for initial setup and without setting up the offline mode is a paperweight without internet
  2. automatic backup of everything you type to google (and if you don't set your security well your data can be breached)
  3. Depending on what your working on you need to be aware that your data becomes subject to the Patriot act which means any data on the system is potentially at threat of data leak which if your storing some private data from other countries you may have legal liability for personal/corporate data being leaked in such a manner.