Chromebook... I dont know about them

Im thinking good and hard about buying a chrome book, BUT I'm having some trouble coming to terms with which one to get for myself... Ill link the two I've been looking into the most.

For those who are not going to click the link i will sum up the two chrome books in the shortest time i can.

1st option- Made by Acer, and is thicker and heavier then the other option (not a big deal for me) and it suffers from shorter battery life (4 hours) it has a 1.1GHz celeron processor made by intel, and ships with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. However, unlink the other option this one can be upgraded by you. Both the RAM and the SSD can be upgraded. The RAM up to 4GB and the SSD can be swapped with virtually any 2.5'' form factor SATA hard drive available (I have a spare 64GB SSD laying around). it cost roughly $200

2nd option- Very light and sleek design, i believe the battery is 6 hours (i could be off) and has a 1.7GHz ARM based processor, made by Samsung. It comes with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. The major turn on of this laptop is that it ships with 3G capabilities... and to add to the fun, it comes with a 2 year free play for verizon, and gives you 100MB a month (which isn't much, but i wouldn't expect it be a problem for me) it cost roughly $300

Now, the laptop is being purchased for school purposes. I have a friend who has one that was made by HP, and from what i saw from it, it has all the features i would need for school and the few other things i would be doing. It has a code compliler (not built in, but it works well and it is free) and everything on it syncs with google drive (you get 100GB free if you get a chrome book). I would more then likely watch videos, brows the web, and play some games when on it so i suppose that the over all power would matter greatly to me too. Any suggestions you could give to me would be great, thank you.

(also, I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes I have made)

Also, since i would be using it at school the 3g could end up being important… my school lacks wifi in allot of places.