Chrome Side by Side Configuration is Incorrect

Over the last 6 months I have seen this Chrome browser error pop up on several workstations, seemingly random but I suspect its due to either Chrome or Windows updating.

Normally removing Chrome and re-installing it resolves the issue but the same workstation can fail again in a few weeks with the same issue.

It affects Windows 10 Pro machines and I have traced with:-

Start before launching failed Chrome
sxstrace trace -logfile:c:\temp\sxstrace.etl
Run after to display the results
sxstrace parse -logfile:c:\temp\sxstrace.etl -outfile:c:\temp\sxstrace.txt

It looks like a missing file(s) in the manifest is the root cause.

Replacing Chrome with the Enterprise installer does not fix the issue permenantly.

As yet, despite reading most relevant forums on the Internet, I have yet to see a conclusive cause for the recurring issue or how to avoid it.

The main response from Microsoft is use “Edge” and from Google its re-install to fix…

If anyone has figured this out, I’d be grateful for the solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: