Chrome only on speakers - NO SOUND ON HEADPHONES [Soundswitch]

Ok, as always I'm gonna cut to the chase after brief background:

I have front panel audio jack and rear audio jack... Rear is for stereo speakers, front for sennheiser headphones...

I use SOUNDSWITCH which is awesome and allowed me to cycle between either device I wanted to output from.

Just some hours ago youtube wouldn't do it. Like it's glued to one output device.
Foobar2000 on the other hand, keeps working perfectly. When I hit the hotkeys with youtube and foobar playing at the same time only foobar swaps..

Any idea what might cause that? I've look tirelessly (it's 1am, tomorrow's monday...) but no luck...

I blame it on chrome, cause IE does the job just fine (on this matter).

Any kind of help will be looked upon and appreciated

(Sorry for bad english, kinda drunk and Argentinian non-english-native-speaker)

I would not be surprised if it was a Chrome/YouTube issue. For me if I am playing something on YouTube on Chrome and unplug my headphones then plug them back in it actually stops video and I have to refresh the page.

Oh I totally agree! That's what's the most frustrating.. Why does a program have control over such a thing? I wonder..
How do I unbind speakers from Chrome? It's not youtube as it happens with soundcloud as well as other sites were there is sound playback...

I mean... In the sound device panel, soundswitch toggle keys seem to be working, and every app behaves accordingly.. But Chrome shows as changing but in reality it doesn't..

Have you recently switched to Windows 10, by any chance? There's another thread where several of us are having similar issues. Sorry, can't figure out how to post a link from my phone, but I'll send you an invite. Looks like Microsoft's done something with the audio.

No it's Win 8.1.. I've had no issues except this one case. odd.. I can't seem to link to a specific change in setting whatsoever.
Thanks anyway for the feedback
Hope it's just a Chrome update issue and it'll be fixed soon