Chrome on a new windows install

so here is my problem, moving to windows 10, enough programs either introduced errors by not testing on 7 or just won’t compile for it anymore that the move is sadly necessitated.

my sticking point on moving is 4 programs, qtorrent, hydrus, comicrack, and chrome.

the first 3 seem to all be drag and drop, install the program again and it works solutions, but chrome is a problem.

I have enough extensions and scripts that either I had to make or aren’t on the chrome web store anymore that I consider required for the browser to even be useable that I want to make damn sure they come with me with their settings, not to mention so many of the extensions settings, script settings and backups… for me its a nightmare.

so I figured I would ask here to know for sure, is there a way to drag and drop chrome to win 10 and painlessly continue using it?

Sadly the answer is yes and no.

Yes you can get the profile folder and use it again.

No since Chrome uses some kind of encryption for the profile folder which is “bound” to the current OS, I don’t know what they use to establish that, there is something called the machine ID or something which is used for that, so it removes all extensions when you start Chrome again on the new OS, BUT your settings for those extensions will be kept so if you re-install them again the settings will be there again.

There is the ungoogled-chromium project which has a switch which can disable it, I don’t know how that will work with an already established profile though.
Here is a link to that project: Ungoogle-Chromium
And here is a relevant issue: Issue #36

I really wish any other browser was a viable option, chrome is such crap but its the most useable crap sice firefox decided stagnation was a fantastic way to exist.

there any way to export everything from chrome so I can easily get it back up and running or am I rngesus with if chrome will let it work again?

going to look up ungoogled chromium