Chrome Adblocker

Any Thoughts about that? I think they are going the right way but someone will try to make a lot of money out of this by forcing companies to pay to not be on googles adlbockerlist.

I sense an anti-trust in the works.

If it keeps banner ads and youtube vid ads I wont mind, if it gets rid of full screen takeovers and popups it will be god tier

tl:dr get adgaurd

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Yup, that's what I was going to say

So kind of force companies to get with Google Adsense or have the ad blocked... I can already see excuses of the 'algorithm not working properly' and other company line to give them time to extinguish competition...

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Once Chrome has a built in adblocker will they stop people using extension type ad blockers? It's not like the built in one will kill all ads just the ones Google deems inappropriate. As Google sells ads will it just block everything that isn't one of their own ads?

If this is very successful I'm curious have web browsing will be for those not using Chrome. Will sites just start blocking traffic to non Chrome browsers because of lost ad revenue.

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Isn't what Brave wanted to do?
Curate ads rather than just block?
Of course, being Google, the money doesn't get shared as fairly...