Christmas money build

Hey guys i recently got a lenovo laptop for christmas which im returning and getting money for ill get about 500 dollars for and i have about another 200 im willing to part with.

I'm trying to build a mild gaming rig with potential for upgrades as a get money. Games i plan on plaing will be minecraft with hopefully some good mods, planetside 2, a couple train sims not gunna name any in specific, 0x10^c, and probalbly TF2 or any other free to play games...

I have a HDD i can get out of one of my computers and a CD dive too so i dont need that. I really dont want to go much over 600 if i dont have to. I prefer AMD just because it seems like you get more CPU for your money but if you guys can build me a better Intel rig im all for it. And again Ill probably just upgrade this as a get more throw away cash so make it future proof. Thanks again guys (and gals)
I tried to come up with it myself but i went a little over budget. But dont base your build off that i have no clue what im doing xD

P.S. I dont mind overclocking even though its my first build just get me a good Cooler. :D 

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Do you have a case to use? better, cpu, gpu,psu and mb. in a $700 build dont wast your money on a ssd add one later.

so the build is 700 be for rebates then after rebates go buy your self a nice cooler like the h80 or HAVIK 120

the zalman case is a much better than the  haf 912 i built my freind a i7 build (aircooling) in the zalman case and its very nice. thats the url he put an "I" in the url by mistake

Liquid cooling ftw

ok let me just say from experience you cant fit a h100 in the that case no matter what position you try or how much astrogel you use! unless you use some ductap and acme glue.

the 660 is as fast as the 7870but cheaper, and the psu you have is not enough for your build.

the top has support for 2 120 fans. He can mount the fans on the outside. What he needs to do, is put the h100 in first with the tubes on the rear end of the case, then get the fans secured. then use the bottom 5.25 bay for his optical drive

no he cant his mother board will be in the way. and if he did he would have no fans on the h100. and the h100 dosn't work with out fans. besides the psu in the build and the case its not bad. if you want him to us a h100 he will need a NZXT 410 (cheapest case that fits a h100)

stop editing things... and like i said ductap and acme glue.

and to top it off you dont need a h100 for the fx6300. that 95 w cpu will not burn down the house.

like i said ductap and acme glue. let see if he wants to punch wholes in his case first before we start debating this even more

one last thing this is my solution for an h100 with out ductap and acme glue

I mentioned earlier, he can mount the fans on the outside of the case. if you look at it closely, the very top part of the motherboard can fit behind the rad. It will fit if you take the extra time. He wouldn't be able to do a push pull. So again I say, lol. Mount the fans on the outside and mount the rad inside

Since you already have an HDD, I was able to fit a good quality SSD in this build


I like your build, if he dosn't want to get an ssd he can get a 7950 and $150 in free games

The Lexa S is also another good case. I have room to talk there. I own it

Thats not even full "Liquid cooling"


It is but it also isn't.  If you are going to spend $100 on a cooler, get a highier end air cooler. Those things can beat out the H100 just fine. 

Why go with a h100 in a budget build. Just get a hyper 212 or somthing that is cheap and spend the money on something else. 

So what i get from this is that the Fx-6300 is a good cpu? i thought the black edition was better. I really like the sound of $150 in free games and agian i do have a hdd and a cdrom and a case froma dell inspiron 510 yuck. So if this helps any great.
  I really like this build though what do you guys think? Thank you for all the responses.

Drop the Zalman cooler and get a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo. Also, that SSD won't be big enough. Get a Western Digital or Seagate Barracuda drive.