Chrismassy Level1Techs Forum Logo - for the "ocularly afflicted"

I am not sure if it’s just me and my terrible eyesight but I am red/green colour blind and the new Chrismassy Level1Techs forum logo looks very blurred because of the alternating red and green colour scheme.


Please tell me I am not the only one on the LEVELONETECHS forum seeing this … :thinking:

I think I need to go lay down for a bit :rofl:


you just have old eyes


I’m not seeing it, but it is hard for me to read, especially on the blue background lol

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Oh shit, the logo is colored?

Yeah, only shows on Desktop.

I agree it’s very blurry and hard to look at and I am not that old yet. :wink:



they could have at least gone with animated css snow going down the page side gutters…


I’m confirming it.

Okay, I’m gonna stop this here. Locking this for a few minutes.



Will reopen in a bit, needs to cool off.

Open for business.

I have some questions about color blindness and stuff…
I know there isn’t general rule, but let’s say I am making a game (an easy thing to say, since I am) and I want to avoid stuff like that…
Is there something I should definitely avoid, like the clashing red and green colors in your case?

Look at this heretic, let’s ban him.

Also text looks normal to me, but the color scheme is ugly AF.

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Yea, was thrown off by the logo as well and it’s a bit difficult and painful for me. Also red green colorblind.

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There are ways of managing it, including avoiding certain colors/shades of colors. There are more than red/green colorblindness, but that is the most common. The worst is typically with puzzle games where the color is important for the puzzle elements. Some get around this a bit with different shapes as well, but if the shapes aren’t distinct enough it’s still a big disadvantage when you have to think fast.

There’s an organization that has some resources to help with designing things for color blind people (or accomidating them anyway). They have some examples of things that don’t work for colorblind people, and designs that are pretty good (including some games).


It does depend on the type of colourblindness, as @djindy said, red/green deficiency is the most common but there are other kinds too and different levels within each.

I’m red/greed colourblind so I have trouble when images have red and green shades next to each other and the RGB values don’t differ very much (not sure if that makes sense, but I mean a green that has a high value in the red spectrum or a red with a high green value).

For some reason I also have trouble with some purple shades. I use to play an MMO (anyone remember City of Heroes? Loved that game) where they introduced a new XP bar in addition to the regular one. I couldn’t find this new XP bar and had no idea when I read the console logs telling me I was acquiring additional XP. I don’t know if someone pointed it out to me or if I just stumbled upon it but it turns out that they had overlaid a second XP bar on top of the main bar in a slightly lighter shade of purple … totally invisible to me :rofl:

I logged a ticket (and I am sure many others did too) with the devs and the changed them to “friendlier” colours in the next release.

The developers of IntelliJ/Android Studio did some nice work to help with colourblindness too. There’s a nice write up here explaining how their syntax highlighting looks to colour blind people and the changes they introduced to make code easier for us to read.

Here’s another example of a small little feature that really helps:

This is a game I play on my phone from time to time (you have to match up the coloured circles and fill the grid up). The red and orange circles are pretty close for me but I can still differentiate between them but there are some blue/purple circles in some of the levels that were impossible for me to tell apart until I found the option in the settings to turn on the lettered labels.

Little things like that really help, but I think the main thing to avoid would be having very similar shades of colour close by.


Well, I’m thinking of using both color and shape but for different purposes, so it’s gonna be a bit weird.

I just want to be sure when I flash red thing on the screen you won’t confuse it with green thing or blue thing. It will be more of an indicator than anything else, but I guess I would have to make symbol marks as well just to avoid confusion and stuff…

I don’t think it would be a problem if the red and green symbols are not on the screen at the same time or not side by side. You could also make the reds a little more red and the green a little more green, but you need to be careful because that would probably look horrible to non-colourblind people.

For example, with the Chrismassy Level1Techs logo, I can tell that every second letter is red, but the edges of the red letter are very blurred and almost bleed into the green letters.

On a different note: I thought I was loosing my mind again … the logo looks a lot easier to read now … I thought it might have been changed but no, I figured it out. Gnome’s Nightlight display feature has kicked in on my desktop and desaturated all the colours and the logo looks less blurred now :grinning:

My idea was to have a setting for color blind mode, where the colors would be changed so it is easier for everyone.
It shouldn’t be much work since it will just affect a few indicator colors and not the entire game in general.

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