Chris Cornell has passed away, lead singer and member of multiple bands. Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of the Dog, Mad Season

I'm sad to say he passed away last night after one of his shows in Detroit, whether it be suicide or not, I will always remember him for his music and his influence in my life, not how he passed away.

Some of my favorite work from the various bands he was in.


So sad :pensive:

I'm sad..

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Would've posted this earlier, but I've been too busy with work this week. This was really surprising and upsetting. Soundgarden and the other Cornell projects made up a big part of my teen years. Soundgarden and AIC were by far my favorite of the big grunge acts. Chris was such a talented and unique vocalist. I remember someone once describing his vocals in an interview by saying that they could rip the paint from walls, which I alway got a kick out of. I was really hoping that Chris and Eddie Vedder would put an end to the sad trend of grunge leaders dying young.

Here's to Chris . . .

Its also cool to see the tributes coming out all over the music industry. Here's a fun one from Mr Dave Mustaine :smiley:

BTW Chris was only with Mad Season recently as a tribute show/recording afaik. I don't believe that he had anything to do with the original Mad Season music production.

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Yeah, he wasn't part of Mad Season, but he was very close to everyone in the band.