Chossing a good GPU!

Hello everyone!

Please HELP me on my quest of building a good PC!

I need help with the GPU.Ive seen alot of complaints on people who buyed theyr video card and they werent sattisfied.(Its all over NewEgg)

My budget is arrownd 100-200$ for the card.Please choose a desent one because i hear alot of complints on newegg with driver failiure,fan failiure ect.

Many thanks to you all ^^

For that budget, a 7850 is the way to go

The card anarmypig posted should work nicely, I have owned a Sapphire 4870 and a 6950 both work great my younger brother still uses the 4870 in his PC it's been working great for 4 years now.

but isnt 1 GB low for the latest and most demanding games ? Say Far Cry 3 crysis 3 and so on...?

Yes, you should probably go with a 7850.

just 1 question:is this card good because it has 2 gb its a lower grade (7770<7850) and im feeling kinda suspicious ?