Choosing new PSU

Hey guys,


My wife just bought me a couple of Sapphire Tri-X 290xs and I decided to pick up a 9370 for a bit of fun. It'll be an enjoyable system to play with, but it's obviously going to use a decent amount of power and so I'll need to pick up a PSU for it in the next couple of days. My rig is listed on my profile.


I've been looking at the EVGA G2 1000W, but I thought I'd get some thoughts on what wattage I need and what the better options might be. I'm UK-based, which means some of the US go-to stuff isn't really available here.




IMO this is a better quality PSU ... for about the same price as the EVGA

XFX ProSeries 1050W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply......... £139.98

or if you want to stay with EVGA ... with a higher efficiency rating 

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 1000W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX ... £139.82

+1 both of these should be good.  The EVGA 1000W G2 is not a bad option either, though.

Very useful, thanks guys. The Platinum EVGA seems like it could be a winner, as Scan is just down the road from me so it'd be easy to pick up. I am slightly concerned by the power-draw with the AMD CPU and GPUs though. I'd assume that even with the 220W CPU I'd be well covered by 1000w, but thought I'd check with a few on here.

plenty of headroom

edit ...  your system should top out around 785w max ... so well under 80%


Thought so, but always best to check.

Cheers, Ratzzz. 

Well guys, thanks for the replies. I decided to sod it and just got a Seasonic X series. A lot more money, but it's a Seasonic and you get what you pay for. Thanks again.