Choosing Graphics card (solved)

Hello, I am looking to get a graphics card around the 200 dollar price range(gtx 660 or R9 270). But I didn't know if my power supply would limit me, 

My computer:

Core i3 3240

8gb  1600mhz ddr3 memory

AsRock h77M LGA 1155

corsair cx430 psu (430 watt obviously)

WD blue 1tb hdd

a gtx 650 1gb (currently, looking to replace)

Can I run either a GTX 660 or a R9 270 with my power supply? I have heard very different things from different places. If you feel one way about it, can you please have solid source to back it up. and yes, i am aware of what the manufacture says the minimum power is. But if the gtx 660 only requires 450, does 20 watts make that much of a difference? 



You could run the GTX 660 with that power supply. Conversely I am sure the 270 would also be ok. I don't have a preference towards either card.

Thanks for your fast reply! That's great to hear! I'm not distrusting your answer, but can you provide me with something that confirm this. I trust you but I just want to be sure before I make a purchase.

the gtx 660 and r9 270 will be fine 

Really!? even the 270? I guess I should go get the MSI R9 270 on sale and get two games for free then . Any thoughts from others. This is looking good. Thanks for the responses guys!

That psu punches well above its weight - you could even comfortably run a gtx670/680/760 off it. 

Reviews for your psu:

$220 for a 760. looks like a good buy.


ok. so now the question is, which should i get? gtx 660 or r9 270(non x)

I would definitely say th r9 270! All because of mantle! Mantle (which is amd only) will give you a huge boost in performance in games over anything the 660 would do, plus it's newer so there'll be more support for up coming games :)

I just got the r9 270! So far it's working great. I had to install(and uninstall) the drivers twice to get it working but about fps...haha thanks guys for all the help!  ;-)

R9 270 is a great choice!