Choosing an AWESOME case

Hey everybody.  I am building a new PC and have all the parts... That is except for the case.  I have been going absolutely crazy trying to decide on a case.  I know that most of the decision will be personal preference, but I do want to make a smart decision.  


Asus Maximus VI Formula mobo

Intel i7 4770k CPU


32 gig of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM

EVGA 1000 P2 PSU

some ssd's and hdd's

Noctua NH-U14s CPU cooler

OK.  So obviously I will be air-cooling initially but plan on watercooling in the near future just because I can :)  I will be adding an extra GPU in the future, but that's about it.  I really fell in love with the Case Labs cases and it is like a nerd candy store.  The price however is an issue.  I primarily always loved the larger form-factor cases because of how they look and most of my PC's are on the floor alongside my desk (Convenient).

I have also been intrigued by Fractal Designs cases even though build materials aren't as good for the obvious reasons... COST.  I haven't built a PC in a few years and the going trend however seems to be smaller and smaller, not larger.  I am wondering if I missed the shift and why that seems to be.

I would love some opinions on why someone would pay a premium for a case from Case Labs and why that might not be a good idea.  Maybe some of you wouldn't spend that much even if you had disposable income... I'm not sure.  Let me know what you think.


Maybe the Fractal Design R4. I wouldn't spend more than 150 dollars on a case, unless you want something that is meant to look like true gaming machine. The NZXT phantom is really nice. They are like 90 dollars, do the job, and definitely look great. If you want something small that you can literally carry around, and you haven't bought these parts yet then you should check out the M8. You can't do liquid cooling, though. I think that a midtower case is what has taken over as the standard. Unless you are doing some crazy, custom liquid cooling for both your gpu, and cpu, you don't need the full tower. Also check out the Cooler Master Haf 922. Great case with AMAZING airflow. Plenty of room for liquid cooling.

Another good one to try would be the NZXT Source 530. It is one of their cheaper models, but for the price, you get a great amount of options fan/rad mounting. This one especially has sparked my interest because of the removable HDD cages so you can front mount upto a 280mm rad, which would be a good option if you're eventually going to be running SLI so you can have a rad/fans as intake run cool air directly to the GPUs. Also the option to be able to mount a 360mm rad up top makes it even better!

I'm personally thinking of getting this one for those specific reasons and so when I get myself an R9 290, I can then run an NZXT Kraken X60 via a Kraken G10 GPU mount for some extra performance ;)

Most of picking a case is personal preference. I see your budget is not tight, and unless you are concerned about space, pretty much any full tower case will give you more than adequate cooling and radiator mounting.

Go with something that has at least 3-4 fans or can have 3-4 fans, but mostly pick something you like. As you will, after all, have to look at it for a while.

The case I always wanted was the NZXT Phantom 530. It Can support water cooling and has a nice look.