Choosing a Sound Card

Okay so I don't want to empty my wallet on a sound car, I was thinking about this one or maybe this one, opinions?

they're both creative and creative sucks
get auzentech imo

First one seems to be a no-go, as it doesn't seem to be the card advertised to be. The second one looks pretty good, I mean it has to at least be WAY better than on-board at the very least. I'm not an audiophile, just hope Logan and the real big sound guys see this for some better opinions.

Wouldn't get anything less than this to be honest.

If you want quality audio, you have to go to the top of most of the consumer products..Â
The Creative X-Fi or maybe The Auzentech Forte OR The Auzentech Prelude

They all run on Creative's X-Fi chipset and support EAX 5.0

Both Auzentech cards are designed for gamers and audiophiles.
The Creative just says it is meant for gamers.

If you have crappy headphones, or a really simple 2 speaker setup, you won't benefit from an upgrade.

Reviews say that X-Fi cards are not worth getting if you want to listen to music.

If you are looking for Ultra audiophile quality, you will be working your way into a totally different caliber of hardware.. like the one Twitch listed.

In the end.. Nothing digital will ever sounds like the real thing anyway. Instead of playing (life like <-- are they really?) games thinking you know what an explosion sounds like, go out and blow something up.. (preferably something that belongs to you) If/When you get arrested, just remember to tell them you were only trying to figure out which Sound Card for your computer generated the most realistic sounds.