Choosing a motherboard

Ok, I'm looking for an ATX motherboard that I can use an AMD FX 8350 in; I don’t need anything super special, some usb 3.0s would be nice, no more than 2 and are not required. I will only be running one GPU with this PC build, but I do need space to put in some sort of generic wireless G card, but that will be added in the future. Also, I would like to install a sound card at a later date as well. I don’t need any more than 2 sata ports, and I will only be running dual channel RAM with 2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 at 1866. I would like there to be two ps2 ports, although that is just preferential. And, of course it needs an LAN port (though I think it would be virtually impossible to find a motherboard without one).


I would like to keep the price somewhere below $100 which I don’t think would be too hard. Basically, it needs to be as cheap as possible while coming from a reputable manufacturer, and it needs to be built to last for 2-3 years at least.


For anyone who took the time to read all that and even attempt to help, I thank you in advance. I am new to hardware, but I've picked it up pretty fast, because a month ago, if you asked me whether to buy DDR2 or DDR3 RAM, I would have no idea what the difference was.


For a 8350 you are going to need the 990FX north bridge unless you plan on flashing your bios but this mobo is pretty good for the price


Do I need a specific south bridge as well?


An important point ot clarify is you do not need the 990FX chipset to fully support the 8350. It is supported on any of the current 900 series chipsets ( 990FX , 990X 970 )

I would consider the M5A99X EVO R2.0 there are multiple reasons why but one big one especially if you want to having more of supproted solution is 3 year warranty vs a 1 year warranty.

The front USB 3 Header is also nice as most nice chassis even lower cost ones offer it.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Asus M5A97 evo rev 2.0  <--- rev 2.0 means the motherboard supports the new fx cpus out of the box, so no bios flash needed!!!

If you gonne run a single gpu Radeon configuration, then  that board hass all the fuetures you need, it has the same fuetures as the M5A99FX pro rev 2.0!

The only diffrence is that the 990fx chipset supports both sli or crosfire configurations, the 970 chipset only supports crosfire ;)