Choosing a Motherboard/ Hard Drive

Planning on building a gaming pc based on a AMD phenom II X4 965 (black so that I can overclock if I want to), with 8gb Mushkin Redline memory. Obviously a budget build, so I'm hoping to get under $150 for each part with the highest quality I can.

I hope I'll be able to run a few two to three year old games on mid to high settings, and I hope to be able to even run new games. Basically a low budget. Max I'm willing to pay for the whole computer is 600, since I'll also need to get a new monitor, speakers, and a wifi card (It's a secondary computer and there isn't anywhere to feed ethernet to it easily).

Also, would an ssd or a hdd be better?



P.S. I wasn't sure what forum to put this under, so I hope I got this right!

motherboard you can't go wrong with sabertooth all 6gb's sata ports and it's millitary class 3 and it has the new bios as well hard drive I'm getting a 256gb ssd mark 4 and a 3tb hard drive from seagate

an HDD is going to be better for a budget build, id suggest something like the Gigabyte 990FX UD3 for the higher end of the AMD spectrum or if you dont need a 990FX chipset get an ASUS M5A97 or a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 

All these boards will be good for overclocking, and have more than enough features for someone on a budget.

Thanks! I'll probably go with the 990FX UD3 so that it will be easier to upgrade later on. Now I'm off to finalize case and monitor choices! Wish me luck!