Choosing a monitor

First of all, hello everybody :)
I'm looking to get a budget full HD monitor (preferably IPS).
I found an LG 23MP48HQ-P and an LG 22MP58VQ-P each for like 125$ and so far I'm thinking about buying one but I don't know which :D
The only difference I saw beside the size is that the 23" one doesn't have black stabilizer (I don't know if it make a big difference) so I'm thinking about going with this one.
I didn't found many reviews or opinions about those models, so what you think or what other monitor do you suggest ?
Best wishes and may your frames be high and your temps low ;)

$109 with a VESA mount, 23" is getting a bit large for 1080p, though it won't be too bad at about 95ppi

Check it out... AH-IPS 75Hz Freesync through HDMI...
Local price is 120-130$...

Googling that just shows a ton of asia based websites...

but that would be amazing.

Link posted...

But that only links to UK stuff, dunno if it's available in the US yet

I believe it's a brand spanking new, and I mean really brand new. It was listed Friday in one store only in my country.
My guess is in a week or two... But God damn, it's the price of other freesync TN panels, it's IPS, so even without freesync you are having good monitor, it is 75Hz, and it have ugly stand. Everything you need in a monitor...

Well hopefully AMD is smart enough to capitalize on it and sell their polaris GPUs in a bundle with it at a discount to reclaim some market share

Well, that was fast :)
@psycho_666 the monitor is gorgeous :O i think i'm in love with it (lol) but unfortunately i cant find it in my country (Romania) at any store (maybe I must wait more).
@Streetguru Almost the same thing with the AOC as above. I can't find it below a ~150$ price and on a "trusty store" :( (btw, this one is gorgeous too <3)
Btw, im standing at aprox. 75cm (29.5") from the monitor and I'm planning to use it for programming + movies + some games (StarCraft mostly).

Really? I find it in Emag Bulgaria. Try the Romanian Emag...

Nope. I found 23MP67VQ-P but its too pricy :(
Edit: I found that AOC i2360h at a price a little bit more than the 2 LGs from the beginning. Which one from the 2 LGs and this one should I get (those are the best budget monitors I found in stores here which "meet my requirements").