Choosing a LGA 1155 Socket CPU for streaming

As the title would suggest, i need a good CPU. My friend tells me the Intel Core i7-3770K is the best he knows about, but i found the Intel Core i5-2570K in someone else's build, and as someone who doesnt know much about CPU's, it seems pretty good. I would like to know what the best CPU i can get for an LGA 1155 socket would be. I would strongly prefer something under $300, but I will go for something more expensive if it really is worth it. As a side note, i do not know what CPU I have now. My motherboard is the Asus P8Z77-M, which is why i need an LGA 1155 socket. 

Well the best would be the 3770k, after that the 2700k, and so on.

I believe you mean the i5-3570k, from what i know the I5 2570k doesn't exist. The 3570k is almost as good as the 3770k, and it is a lot better bang-for-your-buck.

Have you looked at the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2? It's pretty much an i7 at an i5 price. You can't overclock it, but with the power it has I wouldn't think you would need to. I think the last time I checked it was about $220 USD, which falls well within your budget.

This is a seriously good option. Streaming can be pretty CPU intensive and the Xeon which is basically just an i7 with no iGPU will do a much better job than the i5. 

I just went with this part for my mITX build. 

Yeah, with 4 cores and hyperthreading at 3.3 GHz should do great for CPU intensive tasks.

I also just looked up OP's board on the ASUS website and it says the E3-1230 V2 works with it, among other E3-12xx chips.