Choosing a gpu

hey everyone , between rx 570(4Gb) and gtx 1060(3Gb) wich one is the best ?

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They are more or less the same in performance.
If you can afford a 5600XT that would be a better option.


Note that the disparity in that average between the 1060 3gb and 570 4gb is small enough that driver differences can cause them to switch places. I’m not saying that will happen, but just saying that they should be treated as equal performance for purchasing purposes, unless you are seeking a manufacturer specific feature.


As others have said, they’re virtually the same.

If they’re the same price, I guess I’d go for the 4GB card, otherwise just get the cheapest

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thank everyone i will go for rx 570 4gb for 100$


@hijikta, I also suggest rx570 4 gb GPU. It’s best between your 2 given options.

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