Choosing a gpu for a build

Hello Tek Syndicate!

So, during this summer i wanted to build a new computer and my first build after some time using just pre-built PC's. I decided to use as a star my i3 2100 cpu and i got already the motherboard and a psu. The only components left are a cooler, case and a gpu.

I'm some what limited on my budget for a gpu right now so i would like to know any suggestions for a good gpu that i could pair with my cpu, my budget would in the $120-ish mark. Are there any options, either used or new, that i should consider?

Thanks for reading!

get a aftermarket gtx950. my old one gets about 40-60 fps avg in fallout 4 with just sort of 100 mods at 1080p. it's very decent clock and performance for the price. you can get one for around 80-100 these days.

squeezing in a couple more bucks could set u back a rx 470 which is on par with r9 380x for 150$. current n/a and the release date is some time this month so hold off a few more days and see if spending 150$ on any other gpu is worth it or not when the card comes out that is.

Thanks for your replies!

I'm considering to get a GTX 950 but some of them are more or like 130 usd :s i don't have any problem with the price but i would like a more cheap option.

I found some GTX 750 Ti's for about $100 usd, is it worth it?

Probably not. The 460 and 470 should come out soon. Wait for those.

110$ after rebate and the 470 might be better but it could take weeks or months. the 480's are in high demand and they literally can not make enough for the demand. factory's probably wont work on the 460/70's until they have enough 480's, makes no sense.

It says

$149.99 after $30.00 rebate

I don't see 110,-.

it totally said 109.99 yesterday

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If you can do $160 i'll sell you a 780ti which would destroy anything else you can get at that price.

RX 460 whenever that launches

my guess is they raised it so later they can lower it and advertise 60~ dollars off.

... his PSU probably.

maybe. @thrasher1031 how many watts is your psu?

I think i have the same reaction from the image :P

I have a Seasonic 650W psu, sounds like a good offer but at the moment i don't have the money :/ sorry.
Maybe i would try to wait for the RX 460 or for a used gpu from ebay in the 100-110 usd range maybe.

Also, my cpu is a core i3 2100 should i stay with the stock cooler or is better to get an aftermarket cooler?

do you care about noise?
no, then the stock is fine
yes, get a new cooler

The Cooler Master Hyper T4 would be a good option for that cpu? I don't plan on overclocking at the moment because i would upgrade to a locked i5 more later. My motherboard have the H77 chipset btw

Kind of overkill but totally worth it just for noise reduction. Those CM Hyper whatever coolers are enough for any non overclocked CPU, so upgrading will be no problem.

I decided to just stay with the stock cooler to save some money and put it towards a gpu.

Also i choose the Rosewill Line M for the case at the moment, any thoughts about that case or anything i should keep in mind?