Choosing a display - when is big too big :)

I'm looking to buy a new display for my pc.

Right now I have a 27" AOC monitor which isn't the best quality but works fine for my uses. Sometimes while gaming at night when the screen is completely black I'll notice a sort of bleed through around the edges. Aside from this I have no complaints about the monitor, text is fine and I've never experienced any noticeable blurring while gaming.

My question is when is big too big.


I know these are marketed as tv's but that doesn't concern me. But if I were to buy one of these what is the likeliness that motion blur may be too much to handle while gaming... I mean I've gamed on tv's before and it was fine...?

If not that issue is there likely to be text blurring. I know everything will be stretched, but I will have the monitor farther away than usual due to its size. Maybe this will counter that issue. 

Also I can live with my current monitor's bleed through and blackness amounts, which are not extremely terrible, but I don't think I could settle for less, I have a feeling that a 39" 200$ tv isn't going to be any better and might be worse.

Is there anybody who has experience using displays larger than 27" ?


The issue that you're gonna have is pixel density. Since it's still 1080p the pixels are gonna be way spread out. Personally the biggest monitor I would go is a 27" 1440p monitor, probably one of those Korean ones. use that for pixel densities.

the closer you are to a monitor the more you can see the pixels.

I personally use a 27in 1440p monitor and for as far as i sit away from it 109ppi is perfect for me.

How far away do you sit and do you like seeing pixels?