Choices, choices - Ryzen large M-ITX build

A few weeks ago i spoke about making a Ryzen based HTPC combining some parts i had laying around and some others i was planning to buy.
Well, lets say the build grew up on me and i decided to turn it into a “jack of all trades” build, kinda like my X58 build is, and sell the X58 build itself.

What i got, for now:

  • ASRock AB350 Gaming ITX/ac (w/ latest BIOS)
  • 8gb stick of G.Skill Ripjaws V 2666mhz (about half the price of the B-Dies when i got it)
  • Cooler Master HAF Stacker 915R case
  • Seasonic S12II 620w PSU
  • 240GB Sandisk G26 SSD
  • 2x 2TB Toshiba P300s

What i’m thinking about buying:

  • one more stick of that Ripjaws V
  • Ryzen 7 2700 or 2700x
  • GTX 1070ti (probably an MSI Duke or 3 fan Aorus)
  • a 240mm AIO

The machine, like i said, is going to be a jack of all trades, namely: an HTPC, work PC and portable lan box.
I just have a few doubts, mainly if i can actually fit a 240mm AIO on that Stacker case, and i’m only going to find out when it arrives.
I also don’t know if the Deepcool Maelstrom 240T i plan on using is good enough of an AIO for this system, or if i have to open the pockets a little bit more and go for a CM 240V or a Corsair H100i.
And the CPU, should i go straigh for the 2700x or save a little money getting the 2700 and going for a bigger SSD.

What do you guys think?

Are you gonna keep clocks stock?

Probably not

Copy reason I ask is 2700x may be pushing those B350 VRM

Yeah, that’s what i though, may be a little too much for that B350, but i think i can live without overclocking or with a very conservative overclock

Almost no point to overclocking the 2700X anyway. I’ve been asking people of Reddit how their 2000 series have been on the X370 boards and it seems they behave the same as on X470. Might want to make sure there is some active airflow over the VRMs though…


I can put a 120mm fan right next to the VRMs due to the way my case is designed

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That board can handle a 2700, no problem. But I would not push any further.

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So, no 2700x?

I would not do that, no. The 2700 already boosts pretty good.
The X pushes just 200MHz more but is rated with a TDP 60% over the non X.
The board is really nice for what it is, don’t get me wrong. I got two. :smiley:
But ITX has limits. It just does.

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Ah yes, and indeed its better to play on the safe side.
I was actually planning on making the system with a 2400g which was a tad better than my OCed X5670, so i think the 2700 should serve me more than well!
Just by curiosity sake, what cooler are you using on your systems?

I have one tiny powerhouse in a Lian Li PC-TU100B with a Noctua NH-L9a AM4.
But I need to do something terrible to the R9 nano to make it really go.
The 2700 is pretty ok with that but I can make it sweat by running prime.
… and it isn’t a quiet system. xD

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I always wanted one of those cases, they are really nice!
I opted for the HAF 915R just so i could fit more than one hdd and a large graphics card at the same time, i hope i can fit a 240mm aio as well

Yeah, the Lian Li is nicely built but what really sucks is airflow, especially for the GPU. I just wanted to make something silly and stuffing 8c/16t into that thing … looked like the way to go. xD

Also I don’t think AIO is a must on a 2700. I am a slut for air cooling in beige…

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That Noctua could work with my case, if i mount the fan under the heatsink and make the PSU suck the air out (it sits on top of the mobo)

Yeah, i measured it all up and the NH- L12S will definitely work with the fan installed underneath.
I have 80mm of height to play with, i can mount the fan blowing air up the heatsink from underneath and make the PSU collect the air from it.
But i have to wonder, wouldn’t an AIO work better in this case, pushing the hot air from inside out?
Price also favors the 240mm AIOs by a small margin over here.

Small update, despite saying i had decided to go with a GTX1070 instead of a GTX1070Ti, i went back on this decision a few minutes ago when i closed the deal on a Zotac AMP! Edition GTX1070Ti for the same price of a GTX1070.
So there we go, graphics card is chosen.