Chivalry 66% off

steam is selling chivalry for ~$9.00, and it's also f2p till sunday. if you don't have it yet, get it this week/end

Awesome :D thanks for the tip!

Awesome - installing it now :)

I as well!

Dude... it's like... it's like we're soul-mates.

Thx bro

I'm sure I got chivalry for that price on Steam back when I bought it, it was 75% off at that time, so the normal price must have come down.

Everyone should get it, it's just huge fun, there is hardly anything more relaxing after a stressful moment than to hack and slash in chivalry.

There should be a TS forum regulars chivalry server, now wouldn't that be fun...

I've been replaced.

Everyone get this! We need to play it. 

Thanks for the heads up!

Do we have a Chivalry server?

Logan you should accept my friend request on steam! AND what server do you play on?