Chiptunes on le mac

What would be some DAWs that you would recommend that are compatible with OSX 10.7. I would like for them to handle VSTs like peac and triforce. In addition, I would like them to work with my midi keyboard.

Oh god that "le" shit is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.


Well, most DAWs already give you the possibility to use inhouse synthesizers ... then what is chiptune on a DAW other than a song with really basic Synth Settings/Waves. Which hardware or artist has inspired you to create chiptunes? Look up the limitations of that hardware and create a Song within those limitations.

I'd go with Renoise, and if you don't like Trackers use Ableton Live. Both really good DAWs.

PS: Triforce is only available on Windows. OS Support is up to the Creators of the Instrument not the DAW.