Chiptune on the C64

So, I have been looking into chiptune for a while and recently I have been checking out the Commodore 64 and no matter how hard I look I can't seem to find a guide on how to play it as a live chiptune instrument, as seen in this video

The Mssiah has a MIDI feature (as well as a sequencer integrated in the cartridge):

If you have more money, there are other alternatives to play\use the synthesizer chip in the C64, such as the HardSID:

I've been thinking of getting a HardSID for a very long time. A C64 is good too, but you will need to mod it to get rid of the audio noise (static) if it bothers you. The HardSID (especially the 4U edition) removes the noise.

I haven't looked too much into those yet, but can they allow me to use the keyboard as a direct input instead of a tracker software?

Well, the Mssiah needs to run the sequencer software on the C64 to play the sounds. You can control the pitch with a keyboard like LukHash in that video, but you create your sounds in the Mssiah sequencer. You can even use the sequencer to make music instead of using a tracker (trackers are difficult to learn to use most of the time).

The HardSID is a MIDI synthesizer (you can use a keyboard to control it) that incorporates the SID chip from the C64, so it's as authentic as using a C64. It comes with a VST plugin that you can use to create sound presets.

So would you suggest the HardSID for live stuff then? Still a bit confused :p but from what I got out of that  the HardSID can do the same thing as Mssiah but with a few more features like total control of the song through keyboard? I've been working with chiptune for a bit, but I want to be able to do them live, say for my friends, YouTube or hopefully (but unlikely) a concert, but if I even get decent at it I'll start with bandcamp.

:EDIT: Just looked at the price of the HardSID wow... Not what I was expecting. Should I just maybe use the MSSIAH to start out with? P.s. Saw your YouTube channel, good stuff!

The HardSID is just easier to use with a DAW or just about anything that supports MIDI because it is a standalone synth. The Mssiah is good too, but you need to connect your C64 to a monitor to see what you are doing, to program sounds.

Ok, that sounds doable, but once again my main concern is weather or not I would be able to jam out on the keyboard of the c64 like the guy in the video. Could I do that with MSSIAH? Or would I NEED HardSID?

I thought you meant a musical keyboard, not the keyboard on the C64. Yes, you can use the keyboard on the C64 to control pitch like LukHash in that video. He uses a similar (but older) cartridge like the Mssiah.

Alright, thanks.